Questions and Answers

Q: You offer 8 and 16 channel systems (presumably for 8 or 16 computers). Can PCGUARDTM be used for a network greater than 16 computers?
A: Yes, by adding more PCGUARDTM units. It is just the same as adding more zones or expansion slots on your alarm system. It also depends on the zone capability of the alarm to which PCGUARDTM connects.

Q: Am I correct in believing that it is the physical disconnection of a LAN cable from a computer that triggers an alarm event?
A: Yes, any path disconnection from the network switch through PCGUARDTM to the workstation would trigger the workstation as being disconnected.

Q: Does PCGUARDTM work when the electricity is off?
A: Yes, the unit does not need any electricity to work. The alarm monitors the PCGUARDTM unit and the alarm has a battery back-up.

Q: Can you assign a password for each port/zone/computer on the network?
A: Yes, if the alarm panel that is installed provides for that function.

Q: What happens when I disconnect my computer from the network without deactivating it in the alarm panel?
A: The alarm will be triggered.

Q: Can I only link computers to PCGUARDTM?
A: You can link computers, notebooks, access points (linked to the wired network), network printers, routers and any device that connects with an eight pin UTP connection.

Q: I already have an alarm system installed in the office. Why do I need to install another alarm system dedicated to PCGUARDTM?
A: From a security point of view, it is safer to have a dedicated alarm system just for your computers in case your office alarm gets bypassed by intruders or "forgotten" to arm. It safeguards you from notebook grabbing during office hours.

Q: When I return to the office with my notebook/computer, do I have to re-activate my PC on the alarm system?
A: It depends on the type of alarm panel that gets installed.

Q: Can I link PCGUARDTM to an armed response unit?
A: Because PCGUARDTM is connected to an alarm system, you can link up with an armed response unit.

Q: I already have other security measures in place. Why should I install PCGUARDTM as well?
A: Because PCGUARDTM basically turns every PC into a panic button, it will safeguard you that even when a burglar manages to bypass your current security measures, your pc will trigger an alarm when disconnected from the network and your security company will also be notified (if linked to an armed response unit)

Q: Can PCGUARDTM work on any network?
A: Yes, as long as it is a wired network.

Q: Is PCGUARDTM compatible with any alarm system?
A: So far we have not had any difficulties, problems or incompatibility issues in this regard.

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