PCGUARDTM aims at drastically reducing the risk of computer theft. PCGUARDTM aims at drastically reducing the risk of computer theft.

Mostly, computer theft takes place unnoticed and is only discovered when it is too late. Burglars take their time after hours and when security is minimal. They can steal equipment worth thousands during a single incident. Armed robbery during office hours are also on the increase when security measures are low and people are not as alert. Office alarms are switched off and people are not as cautious.

What makes PCGUARDTM unique is that it does not get installed into or onto your computers. There are no devices, loop alarms or software installed into or onto your computers. It is easy to install and works in conjunction with an alarm system and your current network. It monitors your computers, network printers, routers etc. 24 hours.

Criminals are getting very clever and have also started working "office hours". Their favourite time these days is to walk into your business during office hours armed and dangerous. They know that the alarm is off. They will even come "disguised" as clients or people interested in doing business with you.

Werner van Brakel, the developer of PCGUARDTM asserts: "In most cases, computer theft occurs unseen and unnoticed. We aim to close that gap. You can have the best products on the market to physically safeguard your computers, but it will do absolutely no good if theft takes place unnoticed, the moment the incident occurs."

 "Being in the IT industry and experiencing one too many break-ins and notebook grabbing myself, I decided to do something about the problem. During the development of the product I came across a lot of business owners and clients who had personal experiences with armed robberies and computer theft during and after hours.  We need to catch these criminals in the act!"

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